The Diet

To learn all about the Mermaid Detox Diet, visit the homepage.  It gives you a complete picture of what the detox diet is and how it works, along with weight loss tips and a mermaid detox FAQ.  I think you’ll find it a valuable resource!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me here.  I’m happy to help in any way I can.  Please be sure to check the shop for personal weight loss plans and energy healing reports!  Sometimes we just need a little personal attention to either jumpstart our weight or reach our health and wellness goals.

Mermaid Detox Diet Meal Planner and Grocery List

For the Mermaid Detox Diet grocery list, you can alternate these foods as needed, according to the meals that you
plan to prepare for the week. During your five day detox, you’ll want to be eating raw foods, because you’re
detoxing, but since this is a lifestyle, you’ll want to see a way to continue it afterward by adding whole foods to
your diet.

The best way to work this plan is to keep it light and raw during the day, a raw till four plan, and then eat something
cooked (as in cooked veggie meals) for dinnertime. I’ve included 5- days worth of juices and smoothies for the
actual detox, and another 5-days worth of both cooked and raw meals for after your detox period. This is to keep
balance in the spiritual and physical work you’ve done for your body so far!

This is also so you can create a healthy eating lifestyle, something that falls in the middle, and creates balance, that
can be used all the time. The meals are nutritious and delicious, and will get you started!

Grocery List

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or Veggie butter for cooking. I use Earth Balance with Olive Oil, and highly
recommend that you do too!
Red pepper
Purple onion
White or yellow onion
Red potatoes (the small ones)
Mint Leaves
Mushrooms, white button, and portabella
Avocados (ripened)
Brown Rice
Tofutti or “vegan” sour cream
Sweet Potatoes
Berries (all kinds, any kind)
Red wine vinegar and oil
Almond Milk
Earth Balance “vegan” butter
Black Olives
Cashew Milk
Seasonings (I really like cayenne pepper and basil leaves myself)
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Agave Nectar
Baked potatoes
A large watermelon (if it’s summer)
Vegan parmesan
A large pumpkin (if it’s winter)
Romaine Leaves (length-wise) and the kind that you scrunch up for salads
Living sprouts
Chia seeds
Almond slices
Grape Nuts
Flax Seeds
Acai Berry Must have superfood!)
Green Tea
Tofu Crumbles
Coconut Water
Pineapples, coconut, kiwi, etc. and all manners of tropical fruit.


Again, please note that you don’t have to fulfill the whole list every week. It’s going to be according to which meals
you’d like to make on a daily basis. What would you like to make? Think about it, write down recipes that strike your
fancy, and then add them to your list!

Some items listed, you’ll only have to buy once every blue moon, which will make shopping easier for you. These
types of items, like flax seeds and chia seeds, are usually more expensive, but again, they last awhile. It’s good to
stock your kitchen with things that will last, what feels like, a lifetime!

Mermaid Detox Diet 5-Day Smoothies and Juices

Maybe you started juicing on day four, maybe you decided to try to incorporate it into every single day of your detox.
Either way, as part of your new healthy eating lifestyle, you’ll want to have at least one or two juices and smoothies
every day. I recommend one of each as a bare minimum because they will serve different purposes to your eating

Here’s How: Smoothies are meals. Yes, a juice can be a meal too, but a smoothie often has a thicker consistency,
can be made into a smoothie bowl, and can generally make a great breakfast or lunch meal. I’ve even had times
where I made them into a dinner, that’s how amazingly satisfied they make you!

Juices, on the other hand, are lighter, more like having a drink that quenches your thirst, but not your hunger so
much. That’s why I recommend alternating between them.

One major difference between a juice and a smoothie is that most smoothies, even green ones, have a base of
almond milk or cashew milk. They are thicker in consistency and can be made into a sort of yogurt or cream,
depending on the blend. Juices can be made in bulk, but are often made as a single cup of no more than one or two

Juices are lighter in consistency, often form a foam at the top or bottom of the glass, and are predominately made
up of more veggies, fewer fruits. Smoothies, minus the green ones, tend to pair better with fruits, nuts (like grape
nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc.), and a milk of some sort. You can also make more in bulk, that will fill you up like
a cereal would, to last throughout a meal or even the day

Try to drink both, if you can! This is a wonderful way to get nutrition into your body. Most people don’t like to eat their
veggies, and this is a problem that can be solved with a juicer or blender. The direct result will be that the rich
micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) will hit your body immediately!

Juice and Smoothie Recipes

Blueberry Tonic – Add blueberries (an entire tray), a small handful of kale, ice cold purified water, and 4
tablespoons apple cider vinegar into a juicer and blend well. Serve in shot glasses to act as an energy shot
throughout the day. Serves 2. This is a recipe that will cleanse and detox your liver.

Orangesicle Smoothie Bowl – Add in one whole orange peeled and separated to your blender. Pour almond milk
over the orange until 3/4 of the way full. Add in ice-cold purified water, but keep it to 1/4 cup or to a minimum.
Remember that less is more when making smoothie bowls, as far as the water goes. We’re going for consistency.
Add in 4-tablespoons of grape nuts, a large banana for creaminess and consistency, a tablespoon of flax seeds, and
a tablespoon of chia seeds. Then blend smoothly and well. Then add either more almond milk or water to desired
consistency. We’re trying to make it slightly jello-y and more on the thickish side. Once complete, pour into a bowl,
add another layer of sliced bananas, grape nuts, chia seeds, and flax seeds to the top, in a swirl shape. Eat up
and enjoy! This is a great wake up the smoothie that can also act as a brunch.

Aloe Vera Watermelon Crush Juice – Add a layer of watercress to the bottom of your juice cup, depending on the
juicer you have. If you have the kind that you feed veggies into, just add watercress as the first veggie base to go in.
Then add cubes of watermelon and cubes of aloe vera plant to the mix. Add crushed ice to give it more of an icee
texture. Blend well and drink up! It is both sweet and refreshing, especially for those hot summer months!

Hello Sun Breakfast Smoothie – Add in B12 vitamin to the bottom of the blender and a layer of kale, an entire
squeezed lemon (try to dig seeds out with a spoon or prevent beforehand), almond milk, and a banana, pineapple,
and ice cold coconut water. Blend well and drink up! I’d equate it to drinking up the sun if it was liquid and cool to
the touch.

Berry Mania Juice Elixir – Add acai berry and every other kind of berry you can find in your juicer, add a
handful of spinach leaves, ice cold water, and mint leaves. Blend well and drink antioxidants. This is probably
my favorite skin, hair, and nails juice recipe!

Dinner Recipes

For dinner, you can go rogue, and eat some cooked foods. To get the most out of your new diet lifestyle, most of
your meals will want to be the equivalent of raw, only cooked. Let me explain this further.

You’ll want to cook
veggies and use things like baked potatoes and sweet potatoes as your base. The majority of the time though, since
this is healthy eating living, you’ll want to keep leafy greens as the base of every meal!

Romaine Lettuce Taco Roll-ups – You’ll want long, length-wise romaine lettuce leaves open so that you can fill
them with a plant-based mixture inside to make taco roll-ups! For the filling, you’ll want to prepare cooked tofu
crumbles in a wok. You’ll also want to add in diced tomatoes (which actually increase in nutritional value when
cooked), veggie refried beans (just a little to create consistency), and diced red and yellow peppers and onion.
While that’s cooking, prep some toppings. Cut up some jalapeno slices, Cut up some ripe avocados or make
guacamole out of its creamy texture. Cut up some more raw diced tomatoes. Either prep or use organic storebought
salsa, cilantro, and sour cream. Go for Tofutti sour cream. It’s plant-based and delicious! Make leaf tacos
with the filling, add yummy tacos, and dinner is served. Can serve up to 4 people!

Green Living Bowl – A bowl with a bottom substrate of cooked brown rice. Make sure it’s a light layer. Top with a
layer of romaine lettuce, a second layer of diced tomatoes, a third layer of hashed carrot (carrots that have been cut
using a cheese grater or hash brown grater. Essentially, the same thing), a fourth layer of baby spinach leaves, a
fourth layer of white or living sprouts, a fifth layer of raisins, a sixth layer of purple onions, and a seventh layer of
sunflower seeds, Tofutti or vegan sour cream (just one dollop) and chives. Add a splash of red wine vinegar and oil,
a sprinkle of pink Himalayan sea salt, and eat up! It serves 2 people or makes 2 servings.

Black Olive and Artichoke Hashed Brown Casserole – Make hashed browns as normal, only try to keep it lightly
toasted and use olive oil, and salt and pepper. Meantime, preheat oven to 400 degrees, while preparing. Get out a
can of large, ripe black olives and rinse really well. Canned foods often have a lot of sodium, so wash well. You’ll
also do the same thing again with artichoke hearts from a can. Rinse really well. Once hashed browns are cooked,
add to a casserole dish as a bottom layer. Then top with raw black olives here and there, as well as artichoke
hearts. Add a layer of vegan parmesan cheese and stick in the oven. Heat until crunchy and everything is melty.
Serve up! Feeds two.

Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms With Summer Salad – Wash medium portabella mushrooms really well, inside and
out. Then paper towel and pat dry. Lay on a cookie sheet, should be 6 of them. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
While oven is prepping, use a cooking brush to brush the tops, inside, and bottoms of mushrooms with prepared
olive oil mixture (see below). Then add to oven, so that the mushrooms can juice out all its natural juices. You’ll
see the oils fill up like a cup. Once the cup fills up, carefully spill it out every now and then. It may take twenty
minutes or so of this process. Then, once mushrooms are firm but edible, meaning you can cut them up to eat if you wanted to, then you can take them out. While mushrooms were cooking, you will have been making summer salad. This is a mixture of sauteed summer squash, steak tomato slices, and zucchini, seasoned with almond slices, cooked with Earth Balance “vegan” butter, and seasoned with cayenne pepper and basil. Add that mixture to the center or “bowl” of the portabella mushroom and sprinkle top with vegan parmesan cheese. Add back to the oven for another ten minutes and dinner is ready! Serves two to three people, depending on portion size.

Special Oil Mixture (For flavor, to brush over the mushrooms)
Mix olive oil, basil, cayenne pepper, a squeeze of lemon (which will separate), pink Himalayan sea salt, and black
pepper into a small bowl, and brush onto mushrooms for baking. Yummy goodness and flavor!

Living Baked Potato – Use a real russet potato, wash well, wrap in tin foil, and stick in an oven pre-heated at 425
degrees for at least a solid hour. Try to aim for a small to medium potato, instead of the ginormous ones!
When potato comes out, let it cool down, and add a cool living salad. Living means that all the enzymes are intact
and raw, and have not been cooked out of the veggies. I like to add in spring lettuce mix with cabbage, white living
sprouts, carrot sticks or slices, fresh tomato, a squeeze of lemon, and red wine vinegar and oil. Eat up! It is very
filling. Serves one.