Vegan Starter Kit

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First of all, congratulations on taking such a huge step!  Becoming a vegan is a very big deal.  I know that it was for me.  I’m proud of you already! Vegan Lifestyle Let’s define for a minute what it means to be vegan.  Being vegan is a way of life, it’s a lifestyle.  Many peopleRead more

Why I Sometimes Feel Like a “Crappy” Vegan

Vegan Lifestyle

Sometimes I feel like a crappy vegan.  Most of the time, I eat things like what’s sitting on the plate you see above me, in the picture.  However, there are times when I mess up or give in to temptation.  There aren’t really any excuses for it, other than I am human, and humans makeRead more

My Super-Sweet Vegan Life

Vegan Starter Kit

Welcome to my super-sweet vegan life!  It’s where I talk about my diet and what I’m eating every week, for inspiration and motivation.  If you’d like to learn more about becoming a vegan, try my Let’s Get Started Vegan Starter Kit! Early this year, I had wanted to try to become a raw vegan.  InRead more