Body Cleanse Meal Plan For Healthy Eating Tarot Reading

I promised you that at the end of the Healthy Eating Tarot Reading I’d create the perfect meal plan that is personal to this reading and your situation. Please keep in mind that a body cleanse is different from a regular diet. You are detoxing. Your body will be releasing toxins for the next threeRead more

Healthy Eating Tarot Reading

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The Healthy Eating Tarot Reading Meal Planner comes with a 4-card spread that focuses solely on healthy eating! Your 4-card spread offers detailed, in-depth insights into your diet and eating habits. Click here, to get the body cleanse meal plan for three-days! Do you struggle to lose weight? Do you struggle with breaking bad eatingRead more

How to Do a Pictures Only Tarot Reading

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How to do a “pictures only” tarot reading will help you feel confident and secure when doing a reading for yourself or others.  Tarot card readings are an instant way to get the answers to questions about our lives and the people that surround us. When most of us start out reading cards, we usuallyRead more