I Started Working Out Again and So Can You!

Women and the Sea

I started working out again and so can you! It’s not often that I like to admit this, but getting motivated to workout is always more difficult for me than eating healthy. Maybe its because it requires physical action or maybe its because somewhere along the way, eating healthy and vegan became a lifestyle forRead more

How To Kill It With Fitness

Lately, I’ve been killing it with fitness! It feels so good to be able to say that. I have been working out a total of four to five days a week, with at least three of those days being devoted to yoga, strength training, and weights. I am stoked about this new change in myRead more

5-Ways to Get Fitness on the Brain

Girl on Playground

Getting fitness on the brain isn’t always easy. Life gets overwhelming, you are swamped with work, and on top of everything else, the kids need school clothes. Sound familiar? I hear you and while we can’t change life happening to you, we can change your mindset through fitness. I have a philosophy that I liveRead more

25-Excuses to Workout Today!

Workout Excuses and Motivation

There are always excuses “not” to workout on any given day. That’s why I often do early morning workouts so that I don’t have the entire day to talk myself out of it. What if there were excuses to work out? That could be the thing to get you going today! First of all, thisRead more

Good Things Always Happen When I Work-Out!

Guy Tight Rope Walking

Good things always happen when I work-out.  Throughout the years, I noticed something really cool and important.  I’ve noticed that every time I work-out or make a healthy lifestyle change of any sort, good things always happen.  There’s just something about adding intention to action that equals up to great big magic in my life.Read more

Mood Ring Fitness: A Fitness Program Based on Your Mood

Cartoon Bird and Skies

Mood Ring Fitness:  A Fitness Program Based On your Mood.  One of my great joys in life has always been to create my own, rare, one-of-a-kind fitness programs from scratch.  I’ve been doing this since I was thirteen years old when I first discovered fitness and self-improvement.   That being said, I have been makingRead more