Body Confidence True Story

Girl in Shadows Thinking

I’m about to get more honest and transparent than I have in any other post I’ve written before, in the past and now. Just call me Casper. I have made the decision to talk about some very personal things in my life because not only do I want to be honest with myself but, IRead more

My 2018 New Year’s Resolution is Confidence

Blowing Bubbles in the Pool

My 2018 New Year’s Resolution is confidence!  As the year ended, I put a lot of thought into what my new year’s resolution would be.  I didn’t want it to be the generic and standard answer most people give when asked.  I wanted to set myself up for success.  That’s when confidence popped into my head!Read more

Body Confidence and How to Love Your Body

Body Confidence

Body confidence is something a lot of us struggle with, myself included.  It’s one of those things where we’re always going to be a work in progress and I think that’s okay.  The thing is, I am sick of the way we body shame ourselves and in some cases, others! I think most of usRead more

The Mermaid Detox Diet

Mermaid Detox

The Mermaid Detox Diet is the perfect way to align with the sea and the universe.  If you begin to feel fragmented or highly anxious, mermaids have a soothing way of smoothing ruffled feathers through a holistic healing method called a detox.  Nobody does a detox better than mermaids! How does a detox work?  ARead more