Body Confidence Charm School

I don’t know about you, but the subject of body confidence, makes me want to run for the hills usually. I think on some days when we are eating all the right things and working out a lot more, we feel good talking about this subject. On the other days, we immediately feel ashamed theRead more

Activate Your Fitness After a Long Hiatus

Bike Trail

How to activate your fitness when after a long hiatus is simpler than you think! I have a tendency to go through periods where I’m either working out all the time or where working out completely takes a back seat. The good news is that I always get back on the horse again, so toRead more

5-Ways to Get Fitness on the Brain

Girl on Playground

Getting fitness on the brain isn’t always easy. Life gets overwhelming, you are swamped with work, and on top of everything else, the kids need school clothes. Sound familiar? I hear you and while we can’t change life happening to you, we can change your mindset through fitness. I have a philosophy that I liveRead more

25-Excuses to Workout Today!

Workout Excuses and Motivation

There are always excuses “not” to workout on any given day. That’s why I often do early morning workouts so that I don’t have the entire day to talk myself out of it. What if there were excuses to work out? That could be the thing to get you going today! First of all, thisRead more

Aloe Vera Plant First Aide Kit

Aloe Vera Plant Pup

Aloe vera plants are my favorite living plant for so many reasons. They have great little personalities, that I really love, and can be differentiated easily. They like to be identified by a name, so it’s always good to name your aloe vera plant. I believe that every household should have at least one aloe veraRead more

How to Treat Colitis and Prevent Flareups

Bloated Stomach

How to Treat Colitis and Prevent Flare-Ups is written by someone who has experienced the painfulness of this disease that doesn’t just touch your stomach but your life too.  That someone is me. In the summer of 2015′, I was diagnosed with colitis.  Of course, I am quite certain that I had it this entireRead more