Body Cleanse Meal Plan For Healthy Eating Tarot Reading

I promised you that at the end of the Healthy Eating Tarot Reading I’d create the perfect meal plan that is personal to this reading and your situation. Please keep in mind that a body cleanse is different from a regular diet. You are detoxing. Your body will be releasing toxins for the next threeRead more

Mermaid Detox Workouts

Detox Diet Plan

Whenever I workout during a detox, I try to keep it light. This is because your body is releasing a lot of ugly toxins, and often comes down with sick or flu-like symptoms. To get toxins out faster, try working out! One of the best ways to release toxins is through your skin and pores,Read more

The Mermaid Negativity Detox

Negativity Detox

Welcome to the Mermaid Negativity Detox! Chances are, if you are reading this detox, you are surrounded by a lot of negativity. You might be surprised to know that the culprit and the mastermind behind the negativity in your life are YOU! We can’t control what other people do and when bad things happen toRead more

Follow Me On a Week-Long Juice Fast

Juicing for Weight Loss

Follow me on a week-long juice fast!  I start today.  Many people are curious about juicing but are afraid to give it a try, as it means giving up solid food for an allotted period of time.  Follow along with me to get the full scoop on what really happens when you perform a juiceRead more

The Mermaid Detox Diet

Mermaid Detox

The Mermaid Detox Diet is the perfect way to align with the sea and the universe.  If you begin to feel fragmented or highly anxious, mermaids have a soothing way of smoothing ruffled feathers through a holistic healing method called a detox.  Nobody does a detox better than mermaids! How does a detox work?  ARead more