The Holistic Magic Energy Healing Kit


What is holistic magic and how do you use it.  I started using holistic magic several years ago before I even knew what it was.  Through the years, I’ve gotten more clarity on the topic, to better define what it is so I can use it my everyday life. Let’s start with defining what it is.Read more

My Super-Sweet Vegan Life

Vegan Starter Kit

Welcome to my super-sweet vegan life!  It’s where I talk about my diet and what I’m eating every week, for inspiration and motivation.  If you’d like to learn more about becoming a vegan, try my Let’s Get Started Vegan Starter Kit! Early this year, I had wanted to try to become a raw vegan.  InRead more

The Food Mood List

Food Art

Did you know that foods have moods too!  Whatever their mood is, affects your mood, that’s why it’s important to purchase locally grown, organic whenever you can.  The Food-Mood List makes a great companion to The Happiest Diet You’ll Ever Try! Read on to discover the deeper meanings behind some of your favorite foods.  YouRead more

Tips to Accelerate a Body Cleanse and Detox

Avocados and Gemstones

Tips to Accelerate a Body Cleanse and Detox will help speed up the process of getting rid of waste and toxins from your body!  Here’s how:  By using spacial ingredients, crystals, and exercise as a tool, you’ll push toxins and waste out faster, getting you over the detox hump. If you’re a first-time cleanser, thenRead more

Homespun Magic

Cottage Styled House

Homespun Magic.  What is it really and how can you achieve it in your home?   Homespun magic is something that every house naturally has, hidden in corners and weaving throughout the threads on every fiber of fabric.  The thing is, it often becomes hidden by a veil of negativity induced by the stresses ofRead more