Detox Diet for Weight Loss

Welcome to the Mermaid Detox Diet, the detox diet for real-life mermaids!  The diet plan was created quite by accident a few years back when I was a lifestyle blogger exploring becoming a wellness blogger.  You can read my original post here.

I had lost a lot of weight back in 2012 through juicing and became a vegan convert, which you can read about here.  Losing weight made me realize that I  had gained weight for the first time ever in my life for a reason.  That reason was so I could help other women lose weight.  Once you’re able to do the impossible, other people want to know how you did it and I was more than happy to share!

Present Day

Since then, I have gained some of the weight back, though I’m not overweight by any means.  I’m just not at my happy weight.  You can tell you’re not at your happy weight when your clothes get tighter and uncomfortable.  Read this post to find your happy weight!

To get back to my happy weight, I decided to create a detox diet plan that anyone can follow!  I wanted something that was flexible and mindless, meaning that I could take my mind off losing weight and keeping track of calories, and lose the weight organically.  Thus, the Mermaid Detox Diet was born!

What is the Mermaid Detox Diet?

In short, it’s a mostly raw vegan diet that incorporates both raw vegan foods and cooked vegan veggies together.  It’s also a detox diet, meaning you can increase the number of raw veggies you consume when you want to detox or for losing weight.  It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle that you can use year-round!

Another great thing about the Mermaid Detox Diet is that you can take the focus off of losing weight and put the focus back on living your life!  Most diets tend to be strict and confining.  They label foods as good and bad and you have to constantly get on the scale and keep track of calories.  These kinds of behaviors attract more weight to you because you become consumed with losing weight.  Having a bad relationship with food breeds a lot of guilt and shame.

With mermaid, I take the diet out of diet and put the focus on eating healthy, exercise, and spending time making recipes that make you feel good about yourself.  Essentially, it’s the no-diet diet!

What’s the difference between mostly raw vegan and high raw vegan?

High raw vegan is where you eat almost completely raw vegan foods.  Mostly raw vegan is where you can have as many cooked vegetables as you like, especially those veggies that increase in nutritional value when cooked.  The main staple of this diet is eating as much fresh produce as you can by using things like leafy buns for your mushroom burger and a half pineapple as a fruit bowl.

This means that you don’t have to spend your life obsessing over food and counting calories.  Fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense foods that are very filling, so you’ll feel full all the time.  To learn more about how the Mermaid Detox Diet works, check out the Home page.  To find life nourishing recipes, visit the recipe index!

Juicing for Weight Loss

A Little About Me…

Hey there!  My name is Laurali Star and I’m a food and wellness blogger.  I created the Mermaid Detox Diet to lose weight and return to my happy weight.  I also really wanted to inspire other women to lose weight and feel great so I created this blog.

I live in a tiny seaside fishing village in Florida called Ozona, where tropical fruit grows wild in my backyard.  I’m also a mom and my life revolves around my two grown daughters (18 and 21) and my fifteen-year-old who still lives at home.  We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or watching shows while we eat when we all hang out together, so I have a penchant for putting together a lot of meals on-the-go!

You can read more about how I plan meals and recipes as a food blogger, here.  Enjoy!